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American Terra Cotta Museum

From Common Clay to Architecture and Art

Our museum exhibit showcases the rich history of industry that has been ongoing on the same site since 1881. Visitors will learn all about how architectural Terra Cotta and Teco Pottery was manufactured – from the raw materials found on the plant site, to the modeling and molding of the pieces, to the kiln process, guests will be led through the process of making terra cotta, step by step. Along the way, visitors will be exposed to the key architects, artists and visionaries who brought the clay to life.

To complete the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to view some of the spectacular pieces of architectural terra cotta and Teco pottery that the company made. We also tell the story of how the American Terra Cotta & Ceramic Company transitioned from clay to steel, and is now known as TC Industries.

We look forward to hosting you and sharing the magnificent story of how common clay became architecture and art.

From common clay to architecture and art.